Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great River Dirty Blonde Chocolate Ale

This is a 4.8% ABV blonde ale brewed with chocolate syrup and cocoa nibs. It is from the Great River Brewery of Davenport, Iowa and is part of their Session Series.  

The beer pours somewhat cloudy, a dark golden in color. There is about a half-inch of white head that disappears rapidly. It is surprising that they can use cocoa nibs and chocolate syrup and still have such a golden color. The aroma is a wave of golden-grained blonde ale, followed by cocoa and milk chocolate, with just a bit of fruity tang on the end. The taste follows the aromas quite directly, with a surprising amount of cocoa flavor packed into a pale beer. It is fairly light bodied, medium carbonation, with a somewhat bitter finish. The possibilities for beer cocktails mixed with various vodkas and/or liqueurs is endless with this beer.

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