Sunday, November 3, 2013

Deschutes Hop Trip

This is a 5.4% ABV fresh hop pale ale from the Deschutes Brewery of Bend, Oregon. The bottle claims they get the hops from vine to brew kettle in four hours. Now that is some fresh hops.It uses salmon safe hops from Doug Weather's hop fields near Salem, Oregon. 

The beer pours a dark copper and amber in color. There is a short head of off-white foam. The aroma is passion fruit, light mango, citrus and light pine. The taste is a blast of all the hop notes from the aroma, blanketing a roasted and toasted malt base, that manages to kick up through all the hops and also make itself known. The finish is moderately bitter and the beer is medium bodied. This is a blast of flavor from both hops and malt.

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