Friday, October 25, 2013

Wasatch Pumpkin Ale

This is a 4.0% ABV seasonal pumpkin ale from Wasatch Beers, from the Utah Brewers Cooperative of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is brewed with pumpkin and spices.

The beer pours a deep, glowing orange tinted copper and amber. There is a short and thin head that is off-white, fairly fizzy, and not long lasting. The aroma is full of spices, coriander and nutmeg, pumpkin, earthy, pumpkin, a bit like a not very sweet pumpkin pie. The taste is  toasted grain, pumpkin, spices, like pumpkin pie made with beer instead of water. The finish is quite dry. It has a tingly carbonation and a medium-bodied mouthfeel, highly carbonated, almost soda like. This is pretty good, especially compared to a lot of the pumpkin ales out there. My only wish is that this had a smoother, fuller mouthfeel to go with its great rich flavors.

2013 bottle:

2014 bottle:

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