Saturday, October 12, 2013

Squatters Chasing Tail Golden Ale

Squatters Beers are part of the Utah Brewers Cooperative out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Beers in Utah used to be limited to 4.0% ABV, and this beer, like several of Squatters older styles, keeps that alcohol level.

The beer pours a pure honey golden yellow in color. There is about an inch of thick, foamy, white head. The aroma is light golden grain, floral, with a tangy yeastiness. The taste follows the aromas, light grain, lightly toasted, light fruit/floral and a touch grassy. Have you gathered, this is a very light beer in all respects? Still, much  more flavorful than say, Bud Light. The first couple times I tried this, probably about three years ago, it struck me as similar in taste (not color) to Grain Belt Nordeast. Now I am not as sure of that comparison. Have I changed, or the beer?

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