Friday, October 25, 2013

Southampton Publick House Pumpkin Ale

This 5.0% amber ale is brewed with pumpkin and spices. Southampton Publick House is from Long Island, New York, but this is bottled at Saratoga Springs. (Is it just me, or did Pabst own them for a time?)

The beer pours a deep orange tinted copper and amber in color. There is a short head of off-white to very light brown foam, with a bit of creaminess to it. The aroma is heavily spiced, a hint of pumpkin, over a malty and caramel sweet amber ale. The taste follows the aromas quite directly, spice, malty amber ale, bit of pumpkin, but with a surprisingly dry finish. It is fairly strongly carbonated, giving a bit of a sting to the tongue. This is one of those many "let's make a pumpkin ale to make a pumpkin ale" pumpkin ales; formulaic, with the pumpkin and spice seeming like add-ins rather than brewed as a whole from the ground up around the pumpkin.

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