Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Half Acre Lager Town Octoberfest

This 5.0% ABV is the seasonal Octoberfest release from the Half Acre Beer Company of Chicago, Illinois. They have a great store and taproom if you ever get the chance to visit. 

The beer pours a dark copper and amber, with chestnut brown, in color. There is a tall head of thick, very light brown foam. The aroma is malty, very nutty, light plum fruit, and a bit of a tang on the end. The taste follows the aromas, malty, predominantly nutty, caramel, fruit, that slight tang, and enough bitterness to finish grassy, dry and fairly bitter, tamping down any chance of the heavy malt to get too sweet. This is an Octoberfest that would be good all other 11 months of the year. Excellent.

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