Saturday, October 26, 2013

Freigeist Hoppeditz

"Freigeist" is apparently German for "free thinker" (I believe literally "free ghost" or "free spirit"). This 7.5% ABV beer is a Doppelsticke Alt from Freigeist, the experimental offshoot of Cologne’s small brewery Braustelle, a part of the Brauerei Goller of Zeil Am Main, Germany. According to the bottle, they "break the chains of industrial brewing by reviving and updating Germany's unique, historical beer styles." This beer is named after the traditional burning puppet at Dusseldorf's Karneval. It is described as a "subtly-smoked extra-hoppy version of the city's classic 'Special Old Ale.'"

The beer pours dark brown, dark chestnut to light mahogany in color. There is over an inch of thick, creamy light brown foamy head. It is well carbonated in the glass, but does not sting in the mouth. The aroma is malty, dark caramel, molasses, tobacco, and dark dried fruits, with just a hint of smokiness. The taste follows the aromas directly. It has a medium mouthfeel and is fairly smooth on the mouth. There is a moderate bitterness on the finish that takes the sweet directly to dry. The aftertaste is nutty, with the merest hint of smoke, like a fall day roasting nuts while someone burns leaves far in the distance. This is very good.

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