Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boxer Ice

This is the 5.5% ABV ice version of Boxer Lager from the Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin. This is a very low priced beer.

The beer pours a light honey yellow in color. There is about an inch of white fizzy and foamy head. It is very highly carbonated. The aroma is a bit of maltiness, corn, sweet, light green apple and a chemical note. The taste is corn, cooked corn, sweet, with a strange sour tanginess, then finishing sweet, with a very light grassiness, with added chemicals. The mouthfeel is also strange, carbonated first, then, not a thickness, but a touch of a syrupy or sedimentary note. There is a fleeting glimpse of a  nice malty note in the aftertaste.  I didn't think regular Boxer was too bad for a cheap beer, but this stuff is hard to take. Beers like this are so obviously meant to be drunk from the can, which allows for masking of some of their more vile notes.

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