Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pretty Things Our Finest Regards

The Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project is based out of Somerville, Massachusetts.  They are a tenant brewer, not owning their own brewery, but renting others' brewing equipment. This 12.1% ABV barleywine style ale was brewed and bottled in Westport, Massachusetts.

The beer pours a dark chestnut and amber, nearing ruby. There is a half inch of thick and creamy off-white to very light brown foam. The aroma is malty, toasted, dark roasted, oaky, some sweetness, creamy and milky. The taste is dark roasted malt, coffee, some dark chocolate, oaky, and creamy. The finish is semi-sweet, bittersweet, moderately bitter, medium bodied, with just enough carbonation. This is a barley wine that drinks like a stout. Very nice.

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