Friday, September 13, 2013

Brasserie de Blaugies Saison d'Epeautre

This is a bottle conditioned saison brewed with spelt from the Brasserie de Blaugies of Dour, Belgium. This is a tiny micro brewery working out of the garage of a pair of Belgian school teachers. The beer is 6.0% ABV. Spelt is an ancient species of wheat that was in common use from the Bronze Age to Medieval times.

Whoa! The cork explodes out of the bottle. The beer pours yellow golden in color with a swirl of champagne like carbonation. There is a massively tall head of bubbling, boiling, foaming white. The aroma can be smelled a yard from the bottle. It is full of straw, earthy, grassy, funky, grainy, toasted, yeasty. The taste is toasted wheat, citrusy, yeasty, grassy, zesty, tangy, earthy, lightly herbal, with mineral notes and straw. It is finely and fully carbonated, champagne like. The finish is dry and clean. Wow, go out and get this right now, it is mind-blowing good!

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