Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bell's Kalamazoo Stout

The Bell's Brewery is in Comstock, Michigan, with its original location in Kalamazoo. This 6.0% ABV stout is brewed with brewer's licorice.  Anyone know how brewer's licorice is different from non-brewer's licorice?

The beer pours as black as the deepest ocean on a moonless night. There is an inch of thick, foamy head that is medium brown in color. The aroma is dark roasted malt, pleasant char, nearly smokey, coffee, with a bit of stout tang and just the tiniest hint of licorice/black anise flavor.  Any home brewer's out there?  Sounds like the licorice is mostly used to add more dark color. The beer finishes very dry, almost chalky, with a moderate to strong bitterness.  This is a nice stout.

Hey the bottle has changed, this was the bottle in 2010...

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