Friday, March 22, 2013

Taras Boulba

This is a 4.5% ABV extra hoppy ale from Braisserie de la Senne in Brussels, Belgium. If someone can translate and tell me what is happening on the label, I sure would like to know.

The beer pours a hazy yellow golden in color. It has been refermented in the bottle, which shows in its massive, billowing white head of sea-like foam. The aroma is grain, straw, flowers, funky, yeasty. The taste is  light golden grain, very floral, with a massively astringent and bitter finish. If you can't handle bitter hops, steer clear of this one. It is well and finely carbonated, typical bottle fermentation carbonation. This is palate cleansing, a hop zinger, refreshingly dry.

Man with barrel: Smeirlap!
Man on ground: Awel Merci! Taras Boulba es roezeg van kolaire! Zanne zaune es me een wolline getraut!

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