Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Khajuraho Lila's Lite Beer

This 4.5% ABV light beer is from Lilasons Breweries of India, and imported by Mantra America of Rockaway Park, New York.  According to the bottle it is India's first lite beer (they better watch out they don't get in trouble for calling it "Lite" instead of "light").

The beer pours a clear golden yellow in color. It is well carbonated, but has a short and thin white head. The aroma is grain, both sweet and tangy, a bit of sour feet, pretty gross overall. The taste is way better than the aroma. The taste is smooth grain, a bit of straw, with an effect that seeks to be creamy, but ends up watery. Oddly enough, if you drink this without smelling it, it actually makes a pretty decent light beer, but they've got to work on that initial aroma. Also, the aftertaste has a bit of a chemical element. So, bad start, good middle, weak finish.

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