Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter

The Tommyknocker Brewery has been brewing in Idaho Springs, Colorado since 1994. Tommyknockers are legendary elves who lived in the cracks and crevices of the area's gold mines in the 1800's.  They could be heard singing and working, but were rarely seen. They were known to steer miners out of harm's way and to finds of gold.

This seasonal beer is 5.7% ABV and is brewed with cocoa powder and honey. The beer pours very, very dark brown to black.  There is a negligible head of light brown foam. The aroma is sweet and dark roasted malt, tangy, and some cocoa. The taste is cocoa and dark roasted malt, charred, but tangy, sweetness from the honey, but never cloying, finishing dry overall. It is smooth, but with some tingle of carbonation. It is a tad watery in the mouth, although very easy to drink.  This is really good.

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