Saturday, February 23, 2013

Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale

This 9.8% ABV beer is from the Founders Brewing Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is brewed with molasses and lots of malt and then aged on oak. It has 50 IBU's.

The beer pours a deep copper and burnt orange. It is somewhat hazy/cloudy. There is a very short and thin off-white head. The aroma is deep malt, sweet potato, molasses, dark caramel, and oaky wood. The taste follows the aromas, adding a deep fruity note that is both sweet and tart, strawberry jam on top of all that malt. The finish is dry, bitter and woody, throwing off some vanilla notes. The alcohol starts to warm the throat as the beer progresses. Oh, this is nice, nice, nice.

Trying a 2012 bottle in 2014, just over two years old: The beer begins much the same, the aroma is even more woody, lots of malt turning into fruit still, but it is now spicy, a bit hot with alcohol. The taste has mellowed greatly, the aroma is much "hotter" than the taste. This now drinks very mild and smooth, but still with great flavors.

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