Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 Rabbit Cerveceria Golden Ale

This 5.3% ABV golden ale is from the 5 Rabbit Cerveceria is from Chicago, Illinois. They had been contract brewed, but their own brewery is now up and running. This bottle was brewed for them by Minhas. From their website: In Aztec mythology, 5 Rabbit (Macuiltochtli) is one of the 5 Gods of Excess (Ahuiateteo) and symbolizes the excess of pride. The long ears of the rabbit invite us to learn and listen, not only to others, but also to our community and inner voices. 5 Rabbit also represents vitality, happiness and fertility.

The beer pours a deep yellow and golden, a touch hazy. There is an inch of thick, foamy white head. The aroma is a touch sweet and a touch tart, grain, honey and tart apples. The taste is malt with a touch of rancidness and soap, and bitter hops. This is a quite bad beer.

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