Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mankato Brewery Center Street Series #2 IPA

The Mankato Brewery is in North Mankato, Minnesota. It is the first production brewery to be in that city since 1967. Their Center Street beers are limited releases. However, it is my understanding that this release was so popular that it will become a regular release called Organ Grinder Amber Ale. I really enjoy their Original and Stickum, so I was excited to hear about the two Center Street releases. However, then I was bummed because I didn't think I would be able to get to Minnesota to try them before they disappeared. Luckily, a friend went to Mankato and brought me back one of their holiday sampler packs. I like that they put glassware recommendations on their bottles.

 This 6.8% ABV beer pours deep amber, dark copper, burnt orange, half glowing with just the tiniest bit of haze. There is a tall half-inch of thick and foamy off-white head. When I smell an American IPA, there is an aroma that makes me smile and sigh when it hits the right note. This one has me smiling and sighing. There is citrus fruit, orange and light pine. This then gives way to a fruity, but robust maltiness, with some caramel. The taste is a solid bed of roasted and nutty malt, fruit, orange, zesty and tangy, with a grapefruit bitterness. The finish is bitter and astringently dry. There is a nice tangle of malt and hops here. 

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