Friday, November 30, 2012

The Lost Abbey Devotion Ale

Lost Abbey beers are from the Port Brewing Company of San Marcos, California. This is a 6.25% ABV  Belgian-style pale ale. The bottle is ridiculously difficult to open, the cork breaks off, and a wine opener is required (used a two prong cork puller).

The beer pours a glowing deep orange in color. There is a thin head of just off-white foam. The aroma is a tart and fruity yeastiness over a pleasant maltiness. The taste is massively dry, leathery, horse blanket, with a definite bitterness. The mouthfeel is unbelievably dry and astringent, but also watery.  The aroma is tart, the taste is dry and funky, both are yeasty. I am sure there are people who love this, but it is underwhelming to me. Strangely the best part is the aftertaste, it lingers in the mouth with a pleasant and dry grain. In the end it is mildly pleasant, but still the main descriptor for me is underwhelming.

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