Friday, November 16, 2012

Founders Harvest Ale - 2012, 2014

2012: This 6.5% ABV beer is a wet-hopped ale from the Founders Brewing Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It comes in at 70 IBU's. The beer pours a dark honey golden with an orange tint. It is amply carbonated and has an inch of white head. The aroma is very hop forward, with loads of tropical fruit, melon and some pine. The taste follows the aromas, tons of fruit on top of nicely toasted maltiness. It is hard to do justice to this beer with words, get it and drink it now!  This is an excellent IPA.

2014: This year's version is 7.6% ABV, but still 70 IBU's. The beer pours an orange-tinted honey golden in color. There is a tall, thick foamy head of white. The aroma is ripe tropical fruits and musk, guava, passion fruit, ripe tropical melons. The taste follows the aromas, hitting the same notes, with a fairly bitter finish that has grapefruit skin and pine needle bite. The beer is medium bodied with a lightly crisp carbonation. This is really nice, I can only imagine how good it would have been if I had been lucky enough to get it the week it came out!

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