Thursday, November 22, 2012

C.I.B. Brewery Cheri Tart

The C.I.B. Brewery is a nano brewery in Carson, Iowa. The initials stand for Chefs In Black. They use wild yeasts in making their beers. This 7.2% ABV sour American ale used to be made with cherries, but due to short supply, they are no longer included.

The beer pours a medium dark brown and dark orange in color. There is a very large, foamy, bubbling, head, very light brown in color. The aroma is sour, light cherry, woody. The taste follows the aromas with the sourness up front, then an underlying maltiness. The light cherry becomes stronger in the aftertaste. It drinks creamy and ends quite dry. This is a very nicely balanced sour ale and I highly recommend it.

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