Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apostlebrau Pale Ale

If the bottle is to be believed, this is apparently the first Bavarian pale ale. It is naturally cloudy and is 5.0% ABV. Apostlebrau is in Hauzenberg, in the Bavaria region of Germany. The beer pours a deep, dark honey golden. There is a large thickly foamy white head. The aroma is mild, floral and grassy, a bit of golden grain. The taste is a lightly smokey and toasty golden malted grain, with a tangy yeastiness. and a grassy and moderately bitter hop finish that ends dry. It is has ample fine and tingly carbonation. The first pour of the bottle was clear, the second pour is quite cloudy. However, the taste does not change substantially once all the yeast is in the glass, just upping the tang a bit.

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