Sunday, June 24, 2012

Staples Mill Brewing Co. Frat Boy Pilsner

The Staples Mill Brewing Company is in Stillwater, Minnesota.  They are a small-batch company, producing ten barrels at a time.  They are in downtown Stillwater in the old Isaac Staples Sawmill building.  This beer is unfiltered and 5.0% ABV.

The beer pours slightly hazy, and a very deep yellow golden in color.   There is a tall quarter-inch of thick foamy white head that dissipates somewhat quickly.  The aroma is mainly malty, toasted to nearly burnt.  The taste is malty with an abrupt turn into a bitter and tart note, almost medicinal or soapy.  There is something not quite right here, either a quality control issue, or the parts just not fitting together into a coherent whole.  As I drink more of the beer, I would say not a quality control issue probably, there is just something about this beer that doesn't work, an off-note.

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