Friday, June 1, 2012

Rogue John John Ale

Rogue Ales are from Newport, Oregon.

John John Ale is Dead Guy Ale aged in Dead Guy Whiskey barrels.  It is 6.4% ABV and pours an orange-amber-copper in color.  There is a short half-inch of creamy head, off-white to light brown in color.  The aroma is light whiskey, like a whiskey and soda, with a touch of honey-malt sweetness.  There is some wood and vanilla.  The taste is richly malty, nice whiskey, with a woody, bitter finish.  The mouthfeel is creamy.  In essence, this tastes exactly like what it is, good beer with good whiskey.  Barrel aging craft beers in a variety of barrels and whiskey barrels is the big trend right now.  Like all trends, some are well done, and some are just wanna-be bandwagon jumpers.  This one is very well done.

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