Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rogue Double Chocolate Stout

Rogue Ales are from Newport, Oregon.

This stout with natural flavor is 9.0% ABV.  It pours thickly and densely black, with a can't-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face darkness.  There is a half inch head of dark brown foam, thick and somewhat creamy.  The aroma is intensely chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate, somewhat nutty, hazelnut, like a melted candy bar.  The taste is also intently chocolate, both sweet milk chocolate and bittersweet dark chocolate.  The finish is dry and quite bitter.  There is a subtle, but intense fine carbonation.  This is the most intensely chocolate beer I have ever had.  It is both compelling, yet slightly off-putting at the same time; I'm not sure where I stand on this beer.

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