Friday, June 22, 2012

Leech Lake Brewing 3 Sheets Imperial IPA

The Leech Lake Brewing Company is in Walker, Minnesota.  Why?  According to the bottle "Because paradise requires a brewery."  Hmmm,, paradise...want to swim in Leech Lake?  Actually, northern Minnesota is beautiful, I have not been to Leech Lake, but have been nearby in Brainerd once.  "A lake of beer...handcrafted, one small batch at a time." 

This 10.5% ABV and 100 IBU Imperial India Pale Ale pours a very dark copper, burnt orange, to medium brown in color.  There is a slight head of off-white to light brown foam.  The aroma is sweet, alcohol apparent, caramel, lightly fruity, along with a tart note.  The taste is flat, both cloying sweet, yet tart at the same time.  The finish is bitter and somehow watery at the same time.  This is a failure of an Imperial IPA.  In fact, the Empire should have the Death Star destroy this beer.

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