Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chapeau Kriek

Chapeau Kriek  is a lambic beer with natural cherry flavor, aged in oak casks, from the  Brouwerij de Troch in Wambeek, Belgium.

This 3.5% ABV beer pours a ruby, pink, and touch of brown in color.  There is a slight head of fizzy, pink foam.  The aroma is cherries, cherries, and a little more cherries.  There is a light woodiness.  The taste is deep, rich, sweet and tart cherries.  Like the aroma, it is cherries, cherries and more cherries.  It is quite sweet, but with just the right tartness on the end.  It is nicely carbonated, giving a fizzy tang on the tongue that complements the cherry flavors well, and the oak aging gives a dry finish.  This is really tasty.

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