Saturday, May 19, 2012

St. Peter's Brewery Grapefruit Fruit Beer

The St. Peter's Brewery is in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

This is a wheat beer with natural grapefruit flavor added.  I love the oval shaped bottle of St. Peter's beers.  It is a faithful reproduction of an actual c. 1770 beer bottle.  The beer is 4.7% ABV and pours a dark honey golden with a tint of orange.  There is a short head of pure white foam.  The aroma is toasted wheat, lagerish, clean straw, grapefruit pulp, light grapefruit juice.  If you have ever had the Caribbean grapefruit soda, Ting, there is a hint of that in there.  The taste starts out as a really nice toasted wheat lager, crackers, straw, and then  immediately hits a wave of grapefruit pulp and juice, some rind, with a dry and bitter finish from both hops and grapefruit.  So many fruit beers just taste like the fruit used in them, this tastes both like beer and grapefruit.  It is excellent and makes a great summer refresher on a hot day.

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