Thursday, May 17, 2012

Porterhouse Brewing Company An Braon Blasta

The Porterhouse Brewing Company is from Dublin, Ireland.  Their beers are "Off Kilter".

The name of this beer is Irish Gaelic for "Tasty Drop".  I think it also looks like "Brain Blasta" which is cool for a beer.  Porterhouse beers have a fairly unique "pull tab" type bottle cap.  The beer is 7.0% ABV and unpasteurized.  It pours a deep amber and orange in color, almost a touch of ruby.  There is a short head of off-white to light brown foam.  The aroma is caramel malt and fruit, cherries and ripe plums.  The flavor follows the aromas, lots of sweet caramel malt, full, ripe dark stone fruits, followed by a very bitter and dry finish that stops the sweetness in its tracks.  The aftertaste is true to the flavors, but the bitterness becomes almost overwhelming.

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