Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Epic Brewing Company Intermountain Wheat Beer

This is the Epic Brewing Company from Salt Lake City, Utah (not the one from New Zealand).

This 5.0% ABV beer pours a slightly hazy orange and dark golden in color.  There is an inch of thick, creamy, and foamy white head.  The beer looks very attractive.  The aroma is zesty, bright, citrusy, with a light fruity yeastiness, and toasted grain.  The taste is toasted wheat bread with lemon curd spread on it, and a nice floral/grassy note.  There is a nice moderate bitterness on the finish, and a pleasant aftertaste reminiscent of the flavors.  It is nicely carbonated, not too much, not too little, with a nice creaminess added by the thick head.  This is a great American wheat beer, tasty, and an easy drinker.

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