Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brasserie DuPont Avril Biere de Table

The Brasserie DuPont is in Tourpes, Belgium.

This beer is organic, and is a low-alcohol beer (3.5% ABV) of the type that would traditionally have been consumed by the whole family at meal time.  It pours a hazy and cloudy light golden yellow, looking somewhat bleached, yet glowing.  There is a massive head of billowing and bubbling white foam.  The aroma is like the implanted seed in my brain of the essence of beer itself.  There is lots of golden grain, lagerish funkiness, straw, earthy, floral, grassy, all in perfect harmony.  The taste is rich, dry, malty and golden grain, just a touch of honey, fresh and clean straw, with herbs and flowers, with a refreshingly bitter and dry finish.  You must go out immediately and find this beer and drink it, it is amazingly good.

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