Friday, May 11, 2012

Abita Save Our Shore Pilsner

The Abita Brewing Company is in Abita Springs, Louisiana.  This beer is their charitable effort to help restore the damage caused to the Gulf Coast by the oil spill.  Seventy-five cents of each bottle goes to this cause.

The beer is 7.0% ABV and is made with Pilsner and wheat malts.  It is hopped and dry-hopped with Sterling and German Perle hops.  It pours a dark yellow golden in color, with a tornado of carbonation.  There is a tall half-inch head of pure white foam, thick and creamy.  The aroma is malted golden grain, and grassy and aromatic hops.  The taste is mild, creamy golden grain with a brassy, grassy, and bitter finish of biting hops.  It is well-carbonated, but drinks very smooth and creamy.  This is a good American-style pilsner.

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