Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale

The Duck-Rabbit Brewery is in Farmville, North Carolina.

This 5.6% ABV beer pours a deep brown with ruby and garnet.  There is a short half-inch of brown head, somewhat creamy.  The aroma is deep roasted malt, dark toasted, almost coffee, with a nice zesty, aromatic hoppiness on top.  The taste follows the aromas and this is nearly as dark roasted as many porters.  There is an element of dark chocolate and raspberry torte.  It is like drinking a gourmet bittersweet dessert cake.  The finish is nicely crisp and dry, with a zesty hoppiness that adds just the right bitterness to finish clean, without getting too sour.  This is a well-constructed gem of a brown ale.

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