Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bootlegger's Brewery - Palomino American Pale Ale; Rustic Rye IPA

Bootlegger's Brewery is in Fullerton, California.

Palomino American Pale Ale - This 5.5% ABV beer pours a bright and shiny orange-copper in color.  There is a short head of thick and creamy foam, just off-white in color, that leaves medium lacing down the glass.  The aroma is citrusy, tangerine and orange peels, over a solid, yet still light, malt base with hints of tea, scones and honey.  The taste is a  nice blend of all the different aromas, playing off of each other and melding in good harmony.  This is a well-balanced APA.

Rustic Rye - This 6.2% ABV beer is a rye IPA.  It pours a deep amber, bright copper in color.  There is a tall head of thick and creamy off-white to very light brown foam.  The aroma is thickly fruity, apricots and orange marmalade on rye toast.  The taste is spicy rye malt first, the fruit of the aroma second with a dry and bitter finish.

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