Saturday, February 4, 2012

Troubadour Magma Special Edition 2011 Cascade Hops

This 9.0% ABV Belgian Triple IPA is brewed and bottled by Br. The Musketeers in Ursel, Belgium.  Picked up at Beer Crazy in Urbandale, Iowa.

The beer pours a hazy orange and amber in color.  There is a tall inch of thick, creamy, and foamy head that is off-white in color.  Sedimentary layers of sticky lacing are left on the glass.  The aroma is hoppy, grassy, floral, and herbal.  The taste is grainy malt with a very hoppy component that follows the aroma, lots of grass and flowers.  The finish is moderately bitter and is bracingly and lip puckeringly dry, reminiscent of a desert.  However, taken as a whole, this beer is delicious.

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