Saturday, February 18, 2012

Odell Brewing Company Friek

The Odell Brewing Company is in Fort Collins, Colorado. Odell is one of my favorite breweries. They make consistently high quality and tasty beers.
This is Odell's combination of a Belgian kriek (cherry) beer and a framboises (raspberry) beer.  The beer ages in oak barrels with cherries and raspberries.  It is 6.5% ABV.  The beer pours dark pinkish in color, tinge of brown, with champagne-like carbonation and a champagne-like head of white fizzy foam.  The aroma is tart and fruity, large on cherries, light on raspberry, and oaky.  The taste is tart cherry, cherry, oaky wood, a touch of earthiness, hint of raspberries.  There is loads of fine, champagne-like carbonation.  The finish is both tart and dry.  This is a delicious interpretation of a kriek.
Odell basically never disappoints, and this is a great representation of its style.

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