Friday, February 3, 2012

Bud Light Platinum

The latest beer from Anheuser-Busch, now owned by the Belgian In-Bev.

Bud Light Platinum is 6.0% ABV (very high for a "light" beer), has 137 calories in a 12 ounce bottle.  The beer pours a very pale yellow-golden in color, crystal clear and well carbonated.  There is a quarter inch of white foamy head that dissipates quite rapidly.  The aroma is sweet and fruity grain, like malt-o-meal with fruit syrup.  There is a touch of grassy hops.  The taste is sweet, light malty grain, a touch of fruit and grass.  There is an almost taffy-like aftertaste.  This is not something I would seek out.  If I was going for the zone this beer sits in, I would rather split the difference and have Old Milwaukee ("lighter") or Olde English 800 (high alcohol with less sweetness and better flavor).

I am very curious to see how this beer does, whether it finds a market.  A relatively high calorie and high alcohol "light" beer is an odd duck.  I saw one person speculate it was crafted to try and bring back some of those who have fled mass-produced beers for spirits.  They might be on to something.  The bottle is blue, like Skyy Vodka.  It's called "Platinum."  It has relatively high alcohol.  It says the beer is triple filtered, again something that you would generally see on a vodka bottle, not a beer bottle.  The website says it has "top shelf" taste, again a spirits term.  Its sweetness might appeal to a female demographic.  It's Bud Light name and high alcohol might appeal to a male demographic.  It may flop.  I wanted to try this quick, it seems just as likely to go the way of New Coke as to become long-standing.  If you look at the website, they are obviously trying to appeal to a demographic of "cool" people in their 20's.


  1. My initial sample I enjoyed. My second bottle had me thinking that I wasn't too sure about this one. We'll see on the next four.

  2. there is a vodka called platinum vodka which comes in a triangler shaped bottle of nearly the same color and uses the same colors on its label