Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Steel Toe Brewing - Provider Ale; Rainmaker Double Red Ale; Dissent Dark Ale

Steel Toe Brewing is a new brewery (2011) in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Provider Ale - This 5.0% ABV beer pours a hazy yet glowing yellow golden in color.  There is a tall quarter-inch of pure white head that leaves layers of light lacing down the glass.  The aroma is flowers, honey and yeast.  The taste is honey sweet grain, a touch of fresh tall spring grass, and a floral finish with just a touch of bitterness.  This is light in the best way, a tasty and sessionable beer.

Rainmaker Double Red Ale - This 6.5% ABV beer pours medium dark brown and ruby in color, heading dark, but still almost transparent.  There is a short head of light brown foam.  The aroma is pine and citrus peels, over a roasted caramel malt.  The taste follows the aroma and adds a note of rye bread.  The finish is bracingly bitter.  A flavorful and hoppy red ale.

Dissent Dark Ale - This 7.0% ABV beer pours dark black, opaque, with a little ruby dark brown on the edges if held to a light.  There is a quarter inch of medium dark brown foam.  The aroma is dark roasted malt, dark chocolate cocoa, acidic coffee.  The taste is very dark roasted malt, cold and strong coffee.  The finish is very bitter, dry, with a light tart note.  I don't like sweet stouts, so this dark, dry version with the smoothness of added oatmeal is nice.

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