Friday, December 23, 2011

Imper Ale - Bionda; Chiara; Ambrata

Imper Ales are brewed and bottled by Fabrica Della Birra Tenute Collesi in Apecchio, Italy.

Bionda - This is an unpasteurized ale that is 6.0% ABV.  The beer pours a honey yellow golden in color with a half-inch of vibrant, foamy, fizzy white head that leaves heavy lacing down the glass.  The aroma is grain and flowers, with a champagne note.  The taste is lighter, more delicate than expected, malt, floral, yeast.  There is a slight bitterness at the end, and a grainy creaminess in the mouthfeel, probably from all the fine carbonation.  An interesting beer!

Chiara - This unpasteurized ale is also 6.0% ABV.  The beer pours a pale yellow golden, lightly hazy and very fizzy with a half inch of bubbling, foaming white head that leaves fairly thick lacing.  The aroma is crusty bread, lightly floral, yeast, a tart note like sourdough bread.  The taste is bready and yeasty, without the yeast being overbearing, fruity.  It has a lingering aftertaste that is true to the flavor.  Complex, but very drinkable.

Ambrata - This is an unpasteurized amber ale that is 7.5% ABV.  The beer pours a bright amber to burnt orange in color.  There is a quarter inch of very light brown head.  There is very ample carbonation.  The aroma is airily malty, some yeast, fruity in the way of a buttery, oaky chardonnay.  The taste is slightly sweet, fruity, raisins, yeast, with a dry finish. 

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