Saturday, October 22, 2011

Renaissance Brewing Company - M.P.A. Imperial India Pale Ale; Elemental Porter; Stonecutter Scotch Ale

The Renaissance Brewing Company is in Marlborough, New Zealand.

M.P.A. - Short for Marlborough Pale Ale, this was built to showcase the Rakau hop variety developed in New Zealand.  This 8.5% ABV beer pours a hazy and very dark, burnt copper and orange.  There is a slight off-white head.  The aroma is light molasses, sherry, old fruit and a pronounced funk.  The taste follows the aroma, but is more mellow, with a well-ripened tropical fruit note.  There are flavors like the smell of a fruit market in a warm tropical country.  I am curious what this would taste like in New Zealand, to know just how much the long trip affects the flavors.

Elemental Porter - This 6.0% ABV beer pours dark black, with ruby if held to the light.  There is a tall, billowing foamy head that is brown in color.  The aroma is sweet yet tart, dark roasted malt, burnt caramel, raisins.  The taste is bitter and dark roasted malt, coffee, dark chocolate.  The finish is very dry.  A very flavorful porter.
Stonecutter Scotch Ale - This 7.0% ABV beer pours dark brown and ruby red, translucent but not transparent.  There is a tall quarter-inch of light brown creamy head that leaves a medium density of lacing down the glass.  The aroma is malty, dark, almost burnt caramel, with a touch of molasses.  The taste is rich, roasted malt, caramel, with a moderately bitter finish.   There is almost a light peak smokiness.  The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy.  This is a malt head's dream.

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