Friday, September 16, 2011

Saint Arnold Brewing Company - Amber; Oktoberfest

The Saint Arnold Brewing Company is in Houston, Texas.

Amber - This beer pours amber in color with copper and orange.  There is a short half-inch of white head that leaves light to medium lacing on the glass.  The aroma is fruity, malt, caramel and a touch of yeast.  The taste follows the aroma, although the yeast is not present in the flavor, but some toasted, nutty  malt is.  The mouthfeel is well carbonated, yet smooth.  A nice drinking amber ale.

Oktoberfest - This beer pours a dark yet glowing amber, copper-orange-light brown in color.  It has a small and rapidly dissipating head of off-white foam.  The aroma is malty, caramel and lightly fruity.  The taste follows the aroma, and is marginally the beer equivalent of a caramel apple, but not so sweet nor fruity.  The mouth feel is highly carbonated, with a sting, but then round and smooth in the finish.  This is not a super flavorful beer, but it is a tasty easy drinker.

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