Saturday, August 6, 2011

Steel Reserve 211 Malt Liquor

Steel Reserve is a malt liquor offering from Miller.  (Disclaimer: Their website is a lame and practically worthless website.  I am not even sure why they bothered, but check it out and see if you agree. The can with a freshness date of June 16, 2014 has a website address on it that isn't even active, I had to Google the actual site, which they haven't even bothered to get on the can. Dear Lord!) This malt liquor is 6.0% ABV, but I believe you can also find this in 8.1% depending on what state you live in. According to the label 211 is a medieval symbol for steel.

The beer pours a dark golden in color with a tall white head.  There is a cyclone of carbonation in the glass.  The aroma is sweet malty grain with a hint of cooked yam, apples and circus peanuts candy.  The taste is sweet grain, malt o' meal, and sweet potato/yam with apples.  I am surprised that at 6% it is so sweet, the 8.1% version must be a sweet monster.  The aftertaste is both sweet and metallic. It manages to be both thick and highly carbonated at the same, but crisp it definitely is not. This beer is in need of some hops. Very gross. No better straight from the can.

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