Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor

Mickey's is now owned by Miller Brewing (they have a ridiculously lame website).  I know someone else used to brew them, do I recall correctly that it was G. Heileman?  I also remember (early 1990's) when the small grenade shaped bottles used to have a pull-tab lid.  We called them "brain grenades."  The current caps have the Mickey's hornet on top and picture word puzzle games on the underside.

The beer pours golden in color, very clear, well carbonated. There is a decent head of white foam, that bubbles down relatively quick, but slower than many beers of this style. It leaves very light lacing. The aroma is bright, brassy, malt o’ meal and apples. The taste follows the aromas, somewhat sweet, but with a light metallic note on the end that fades into light maltiness, just a touch of wet cardboard. It is much better straight from the bottle. Not great tasting, but drinkable, and better tasting than a lot of malt liquors.

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