Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lightning Brewery Elemental Pilsner

The Lightning Brewery is in Poway, San Diego County, California.  Their motto is "Better Beer Through Science".

This 5.6% ABV beer pours a dark honey golden in color with a half inch of white bubbly, foamy head that leaves medium lacing down the glass.  The aroma is quite strongly fake banana.  I get a tinge of it trying to be the grain and lager funk of a German pilsner, but it is not getting there.  It is more like banana circus peanuts candy than pilsner.  The taste is much closer to the mark, some grain and lager funk, very bitter and dry on the finish, but the lingering aroma bleeds through. 

The bottle said this was brewed with German malt, German hops and Bohemian yeast in compliance with the Reinheitsgebot, Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516.  So it gave me high hopes.  But I have yet to find an American pilsner that gets anywhere near the flavor of even the most generic German lager.

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