Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Samuel Adams - Boston Ale; East-West Kolsch; Rustic Saison; Wee Heavy

The Samuel Adams line of beers are from the Boston Brewing Company of Boston, Massachusetts.  They are one of the grand daddies of the craft brewing movement and now also brew out of Cincinnati, Ohio and Breinigsville, Pennsylvania.

Boston Ale - This beer pours orange-brown and copper in color with a quarter-inch of slightly off-white foam.  The aroma is fruit and sweet, a bit like orange marmalade.  The taste follows the aroma, adds caramel malt and has a bitter and slightly spicy finish. 

East-West Kolsch - The name derives from mixing West, kolsch-style beer, and East, with Asian jasmine sambac flowers.  This beer pours a bright, glowing yellow honey golden in color with a small white head that leaves medium lacing down the glass.  The smell is aromatic, slightly floral,the jasmine is apparent over honey grain.  The taste is honey sweet grain, a touch of jasmine, and a medium bitter and dry hop finish.  the jasmine revives in the aftertaste.  Not amazing, but a decent summer refresher.

Rustic Saison - This Belgian-style farmhouse beer is brewed with honey.  This beer pours a light, pale golden in color with a small white head that leaves light lacing down the glass.  The aroma is flowers, honey, yeast, and a touch of banana.  The taste follows the aroma.  If you like a crisp, yeasty saison, that is flavorful but drinks light, you will really like this.  It is too yeasty for my taste, that is not a taste I enjoy much.

Wee Heavy -  From their Imperial series, this Scotch Ale weighs in at a whopping 10% ABV.  The beer pours a dark, opaque black with a small light brown head.  There is a touch of ruby if held up to light.  The aroma is dark malted barley, peat smoke, Scotch whiskey.  The taste is smokey, peaty, dark roasted malt, it is reminiscent of an island single malt Scotch.  The alcohol is apparent, but not obtrusive.  A very interesting beer that single malt Scotch fans will enjoy.

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