Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kirkland Signature Beers - India Pale Ale; Pale Ale; Amber Ale; Belgian Style White

The Kirkland Signature beers are brewed and bottled by the New Yorker Brewing Co. of Utica, New York.  This may mean they are contract brewed by Matt Brewing.  Kirkland Signature is the store brand "craft beers" of Costco, available as a case consisting of four different six packs.

India Pale Ale - This 6.5% ABV beer pours a dark copper/amber/brown, glowing and translucent with a quarter inch of thick off-white foam that leaves considerable lacing down the glass.  The aroma is dark fruit, cherries, plums, and caramel malt.  The taste follows the aroma and has an extremely bitter, yet somehow watery, finish.  There is some tea with lemon in the aftertaste.

Pale Ale - This 5.4% ABV beer pours a medium copper and amber in color with a small head of white foam.  The aroma is light biscuit to scone with red plum jelly.  The taste is somewhat malty and fruity with a slightly bitter and dry finish.  As like the IPA, there is a bit of tea with honey and lemon in the aftertaste.  For a store brand, this is a good approximation of an  English-style pale ale.

Amber Ale - This 5.7 % ABV beer pours medium brown, translucent when held to the light with a bit of orange around the edges and a slight head.  The aroma is burnt caramel, cooked broccoli and a touch of manure.  I hope it tastes better than it smells.  The taste is watery burnt caramel with a touch of sharp rye.  This is the bum steer of the Kirkland Signature lot.

Belgian Style White - This 5.4% ABV beer is brewed with spices in the traditional style of a Belgian white beer.  The beer pours orange in color with a bit of copper and amber.  The head is very slight.  The aroma is very fruity and spicy, orange and coriander predominate.  The taste is of a light wheat type malt with lots of orange and coriander.  The mouthfeel is a bit slight and watery, but if you like white beers, this has very good flavor, it could just use more body and carbonation.

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