Friday, May 13, 2011

Jaguar High Gravity Lager

Brewed and bottled by Mountain Crest in Monroe, Wisconsin. This means brewed by the Minhas Craft Brewery (gotta love it when a brewery doesn't even claim their brew on their website).

This 8.3% malt liquor pours a golden yellow in color. There is an inch of foamy white head. (I know this beer is not made for a glass, so I used a really short one; hell, this beer puts a paper sack to shame.) The aroma is strangely fruity for a lager. There is light cherry, green apple, sweet corn, and a bit of grass. I hope this tastes better than it smells. The taste is about the same. Overly sweet, strange fruit notes, but not terribly obnoxious for the style and maker. There is an alcohol burn in the gut as the beer continues. There are occasional odd notes of malt, but they are then consumed by burning alcohol circus peanuts candy flavors.

I have had this once before, (only repeating by accident) and it was much worse then. They have cleaned up the really bad chemical notes. While better than it used to be, if your goal is to get drunk cheap, there are still much better-tasting alternatives that aren't much more expensive (MUCH better alternatives).

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