Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twisted Pine Brewing Company - Hoppy Boy IPA; American Amber Ale; Billy's Chilies

The Twisted Pine Brewing Company is in Boulder, Colorado.

Hoppy Boy IPA - This beer pours a dark copper in color with very little head or apparent carbonation.  The aroma is fruity, piney, slightly spicy.  The taste is sweet fruit over a malt backbone, with a hint of pine followed by a bitter finish.  Interesting and drinkable, but not as hop forward as I prefer in an American IPA.

American Amber Ale - This beer pours a shiny but dark amber to light brown in color, dark enough to just remain clear.  The aroma is slightly sweet and tart at the same time with caramel in the background and just a hint of hazelnut.  The taste is clean, malty, caramel without being overtly sweet, and a bitter finish.  This is a very nice amber ale.

Billy's Chilies - This beer is part of their Timberline Series and it is made with Anaheim, Fresno, Serrano, Jalapeno and Habanero chilies.  The beer pours a hazy yellow-golden in color and has nearly no head.  The aroma is spicy, chilies, chilies and chilies.  The taste is lots of fresh chilies over a fairly non-descript lager.  It has a nice slow burn spice to it.  It is interesting to drink one, but it seems the best use for this would be in cooking, adding to chili, beer batter, cooking brats, or any other recipe where beer is used and spice would be nice.

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