Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Southern Tier Brewing Company

The Southern Tier Brewing Company is from Lakewood, New York.

India Pale Ale - This 7.3% ABV beer pours a light, brilliant and shiny, copper in color.  The aroma is hop forward, tropical fruit and melon with a discernible malt backbone.  The taste is hoppy, following the aroma, very fruity, on a solid malt base, biscuity, and bitter on the finish.  This is a very drinkable and enjoyable American IPA.

Pale Ale - This beer pours golden in color and a bit cloudy.  The aroma is piney hops, resin, and just a tiny bit soapy.  The taste is strong, yet light on the mouth at the same time, piney, fresh, and bitter on the finish.  Very enjoyable.

Phin & Matt's Extraordinary Ale - This beer pours dark honey, light copper/amber in color.  The aroma is tangy and hoppy on a biscuity malt base.  The taste is fruity, lightly malty, bitter on the finish.  This would make a nice session ale.

422 Pale Wheat Ale - "Make Every Day Earth Day"  This beer pours golden and cloudy.  The aroma is lightly fruity and flowery, a bit zesty.  The taste is fresh, clean grain with a nice bitter finish.  This is imminently drinkable and exceeded any of my expectations.


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