Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pennsylvania Style Beer - Lager; Light; Ice

These beers are by GJS Sales of La Crosse, Wisconsin - contract brew by City Brewing.  It comes in Light, Lager and Ice.  This is a very cheap beer about $12-$13 for a 30 pack.  I got the light on sale in Owatonna, Minnesota for $10.49.

Light - This beer pours a very pale gold in color with over an inch of foamy head that dissipates rather quickly.  The aroma is fresh grain in a metal bucket, and fresh cut green apples.  It is very highly carbonated and stings the mouth.  The taste is light, slightly sweet and lightly fruity.  I have had many worse cheap beers.  This is at least drinkable.  I have never understood why there are so many ultra-cheap beers brewed that are essentially undrinkable when just a few cents more can buy enjoyable cheap beers.

Lager - Pours dark golden in color, much darker golden than the light.  The aroma is sweet and slightly fruity, almost like the circus peanuts candy.  The taste is hard to describe, not a lot going on.  Very light grain, slightly tart.  It is not actively bad, but it is also not even passively good.  It is right on the line, but it is still on the drinkable side of the line.  The light is probably the better of the two.

Ice - This beer pours golden in color, well carbonated, with a quarter inch of white foamy head.  The aroma is tart grain, almost like a hint of vinegar.  Still, I prefer it to the green apple aroma common in these ultra cheap beers.  The taste is smooth, light grain, with a light tang on the finish.  This is the best of the three.  If your budget only allows you to get Pennsylvania style beer, then buy the ice, because you are then getting the best bang and taste for your buck.  Available in six packs in Minnesota for $2.99.

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