Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mission St. - Brown Ale; India Pale Ale; 2011 Anniversary Ale

Brewed and bottled by the Steinhaus Brewing Co. of Paso Robles, California.  I got this at Trader Joes.

Brown Ale - This 5.7% ABV beer pours a dark translucent brown.  The aroma is nutty, slightly roasted, with some grain.  The taste is lightly roasted, just a touch of sweetness, a hint of burnt caramel and a long, lingering aftertaste that stays true to the original flavor.  There is also a bit of light, plum-like fruitiness.

India Pale Ale - This 6.1% ABV beer pours copper colored with a small head that leaves light lacing down the glass.  The aroma is hop forward, tropical fruit and cantalopue on a malt base.  The taste is fruity hops that ride over (not roughshod but fairly balanced) a caramel malt base with just a bit of rye spiciness.  This drinks extremely light for its ABV and flavors.  This is a very good "generic" IPA and probably the best of the Mission St. beers.

2011 Anniversary Ale - This 8.5% ABV Imperial Brown Ale pours extremely dark brown to light black, opaque, with a touch of ruby when held to the light.  There is a small head of light brown foam that leaves some lacing on the glass.  The aroma is sweet, roasted, a bit of mocha coffee and a sour note.  The taste is slightly sweet, dark roasted malt, some creamy coffee at the back of the throat, a touch of nut and a slightly dry and medium bitter finish.  The aftertaste leaves a lingering bitter/sour sensation at the back of the throat that is mildly off-putting.  This beer is interesting and has some good flavors, but I wish it had a cleaner finish.


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